Personal Insurance


Why you need Insurance?

Insurance is a protection plan that you buy and pay for on a regular basis that protects your life in so many ways. There are different kinds of insurance, PHA provides insurance for your health, life, car, home, and for your travel adventures.

For a small, regular payment you receive a membership card that pays for you to see a doctor, go to the hospital, repair your car after an accident or rebuild your home depending on what kind of insurance you buy.

Decide what you would like to protect with insurance:

a. Health
b. Travel
c. Home
d. Motor

Decide how much cover you would like to have.

This is how much money you can use on covered services before you need to start paying yourself.
a. Singles
b. Couples
c. Families

3. You need to fill in this online form or call +675-321-0322 to join

4. You need to download the app and set up your user account

5. Get your card! If you need to use your membership before the card arrives, you will be able to use the app to identify yourself and receive the care you need.
PHA Insurance gives you all the information on what you are covered for, what you can’t claim for and how to sign up and pay so you know exactly how to use insurance and get the most out of your protection.

You will have access to an app that helps you understand and use your membership. You will be able to make claims through the app. A claim is the process of getting money back if you pay for a medical expense.

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