PHA Health Assurance & CPL Group announced that PHA Health Assurance members can directly bill their medical prescriptions to PHA Health Assurance at any of the 32 City Pharmacy branches and only pay the deductible charges.

 “PHA members now have access to prescription medications at a discounted rate, which will help them to stay insured as they are not using up their annual limit too fast” said John Elisa, CEO of PHA Insurance.

This is a first for Papua New Guinea and a very progressive service offered by City Pharmacy which confirms their enduring commitment to the people of PNG and the health of its citizens.

“This Partnership means that all PHA members are able to readily access prescriptions and basic health care including our telehealth services in all City Pharmacy outlets nationwide.” said  Navin Raju, CEO of CPL Group.

CPL Group (PNG SX CODE “CPL”) owns Stop & Shop, City Pharmacy, Hardware Haus, Prouds and Jack’s of PNG. They have 62 stores countrywide and have been serving PNG for 34 years. City Pharmacy has 32 branches spanning the entire country.

PHA Health Assurance was launched in PNG in 2019. PHA is a fully licensed insurer specialising in insuring people in Papua New Guinea.

PHA, in partnership with Fullerton Health, the largest healthcare provider in South-East Asia, brings digital technology-enabled, cutting edge insurance to PNG that offers affordable and comprehensive health insurance to everyone.

We ensure all our members get the medical attention they need at an affordable price which means that more people have the ability to access the treatment they need to feel better and live longer,” said John Elisa.