Health Insurance

Insurance is the ability to provide protection for yourself and your family if you get sick or injured. Insurance comes in the form of a policy plan that you pay a small regular fee for so you can cover the cost of the medical attention you need without paying cash when you go to a doctor, dentist, or hospital.

When you pay for an insurance policy, you receive a card that you use in place of cash at a select network of clinics, hospitals, and dentists. Insurance collects the regular fees of all of its policyholders so the money is available to pay the doctors on your behalf for any of the people seeking medical help.

Having insurance means that you do not have to pay for treatment, the small regular payments you make will cover your costs.

The Group Medical Application Form

PHA Individual Medical Policy 2020

Why you need Health Insurance?

You will be able to see a doctor or go to the hospital when you need to without paying cash on the spot. Insurance is protection for your health and your family’s health when medical attention is needed, this can save your life or the life of a loved one. Often people can be turned away from hospitals in a crisis because they cannot pay for the treatment upfront, PHA Insurance means that your card will replace the need to pay and you will be able to receive treatment immediately.

You can see a doctor, a specialist, or attend a hospital whenever you need to so you will live longer and feel better. You pay a small weekly amount that covers you for so many medical services. You are given a card and you keep that with you at all times and when you go to the doctor or the hospital you show them the card and they treat you.

You can see a dentist, get glasses, see a special doctor, and have babies as part of your cover without paying for the service up front. You are able to call an ambulance in an emergency and if your health issue is very serious, you can be flown to Australia or Singapore to get the best care in the world, all for a small amount of money per week.

Your health insurance also pays for your funeral costs and pays money to your family if someone dies in an accident or from an illness to make sure they are able to pay their bills. If someone is hurt in an accident and cannot work anymore, they will also receive money to help with your ongoing expenses.

You need to take care and responsibility for your health, you aren’t covered for things that are a result of your own actions; like drinking or harming yourself.

How to choose the right cover for you?

Getting the right level of cover saves you money by only providing protection for the things that matter to you. You can choose from plans based on your lifestyle:

  • Single
  • Couple
  • Family