Watch the Ceremony – https://fb.watch/3_vHwERQqQ/

Diamond International Medicentre was officially opened in a ceremony at the clinic by the Manager for Building and Facility Standards – Health Department, Mr Ambrose Kwaramb and attended by the Chief of Staff for the Prime Ministers office, Mr Lamesh Pilaso.  The world-class clinic will give the citizens of Port Moresby access to superior yet affordable medical treatment under one roof.

The clinic has a General Practitioner, dentist, optometrist, imaging equipment and a dispensary so people can address all their medical concerns in a single, convenient location at Vision City.

 “To further improve healthcare in PNG, we need clinics like Diamond International Medicentre to give more of our citizens access to the early intervention medical treatment needed to prevent more serious illnesses from developing.” said the Manager for Building and Facility Standards – Health Department, Mr Ambrose Kwaramb.

 The clinic has the latest medical equipment and provides a central point for laboratory services and emergency care support to stabilise patients for transport to hospital or for a medivac. By giving people easy, affordable access to doctors, dentists and optometrists, many preventable conditions can be treated earlier and save lives.

Diamond International Medicentre can provide specialist services to patients such as Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, ENT, Cardiology & Internal Medicine, Surgery and Mental Health.

We ensure our patients get the very best medical attention. We are committed to the improved health of PNG and have the best local doctors and equipment to make sure we provide the highest level of care possible” said Dr Isaac Livai., head physician and CEO of the Medicentre.

The clinic is located on the ground floor at Vision City, walk-ins are welcome or you can call 323-3230 to make an appointment.