Download our full guide! Seven easy steps to a better you

Giving up smoking, drinking alcohol or fizzy drinks, cutting junk food or chewing – these steps will help make it easier.

1. Start Small, little changes lead to big changes. Don’t try to make too many changes at once!
If you make it too hard you will give up. Why don’t you set yourself a goal such as No Junk food for a month. Take it day
by day and after 1 month, you will notice that you feel better, you have lost weight and that it wasn’t as bad as you
thought. Just don’t reward yourself with a burger!

2. Replace bad habits with good ones.
You can’t just leave a gap where the bad habit used to be otherwise you will just go back to do it from boredom or because
your hands are empty. If you are giving up chewing Buai, replace it with gum or fruit or have a drink of water.

3. What are your triggers? Remove temptation!
What do you feel before you do the thing you are trying to give up? If it is eating too many sweets, are you bored, hungry
or stressed. If you are hungry, make sure you have a healthier snack where you can see it. If you pop into the same place
every day to get a soft drink, try to walk on the opposite side of the street.

4. Remind yourself why you are making the change.
Write it down where you can see it often. Make it a daily thing so that you can track your progress and every day you feel
good about yourself. If you are giving up fizzy drinks, take notice of your clothes fitting a bit better, your teeth feeling
cleaner and having more energy without the sugar. If you are trying to exercise, remind yourself that you want to live a
long time for your kids, that you want to lose weight to be healthier.

5. Find a buddy to support you or group
There is always someone who understands you and loves you. If you want to exercise more, find someone who will walk
with you. If you are chatting while you walk, you will hardly notice that you are getting fit!

6. Reward yourself
You have done something positive to help improve your life so pat yourself on the back. Find something you enjoy, that makes you
happy and make that your reward. Try not to make it food-based because that is replacing one bad habit for another, unless its an
apple of course!

7. Get back on track if you fail
We all have a bad day where our will power isn’t strong. Don’t beat yourself up, just start again straight away. If you aren’t kind to
yourself, if you get angry with yourself then it is harder to do good things for yourself. You are a great person who deserves good
things, remember that!


Protect yourself and your family

Health Insurance is now affordable and accessible in Papua New Guinea and makes it possible to get medical treatment and emergency care without the
need for cash in a crisis. You can look after yourself by going to the doctor as soon as you feel unwell to help cure you before your sickness gets worse. You
can go to the dentist and keep your teeth in good condition and you can get a new pair of glasses every year so you can see the world through clear eyes.

You can also go to hospital in a crisis and you will be treated without needing to find money on the spot.

Cover starts from K1.50 per day and you can purchase and pay for your
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Download our full guide! Seven easy steps to a better you